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Jesus is the reason why I am saved and alive today. My journey is  to live a righteous life according to his word. It has been a challenging one, however God has given me strength to overcome each battle.  I believe with confidence and faith that if we put God first in our lives, true success will follow. Our lives will have balance and peace if we choose daily to serve him.

If we read Joshua 1:8, the Bible states that if we meditate on his word day and night, and observe to do according to all that is written, then I will have good success.

I pray that this site will give all who visit; inspiration and hope to live to their full potential in Jesus Christ. Topics to be addressed will be to encourage, inform and motivate. 

Browse my site for my recent blogs, daily motivations, health information and news, alternative medicinals and more.


Click on the Video to Listen to "Be About the Father's Business"  

We must get busy doing what the Lord would have us to do. We don't have timeto be mingling with the world, but it is time to draw near to Jesus and be about the Father's business.

Praise the LORD!!!


Matthew 6:33

But Seek ye First the kingdom of God

and his righteousness and all these things

shall be added unto you.


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 ( Listen to this video, the blessings of the Lord! God's Man of God reveals how Jesus spoke to him and told him that he is coming SOON!! The end of the world is at the door, go and tell my people, the end of the world has come upon us. Something is about to HAPPEN!!!  Do what you have to do for the Lord NOW!!! )


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