Blessed With Another Day

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me. Bless your holy name who forgiveth me of my iniquities and healeth me of all my diseases. Jesus you are worthy to be praised. Jesus I just want to thank you for being just a faithful and loving God.  You love me even when  I don’t serve you the way I should  at times.  I just want to thank you for my life on this 21st day of May 2016. I pray that you bestowed your blessings on my soul, my family, body of Christ, my friends and neighbors.  I thank you for another day, another opportunity to serve you, another day to honor you, another day to commune with you, another day that I can pray and call upon your name! I thank you Jesus! Let your word that will be preached today be a blessing on my soul and all that hears. Come into my heart Jesus and make your abode in me. Let your Holy Ghost continue to lead me and guide me in all your truths.

I am leaving the house today to go into your house Jesus. I am leaving believing that you will do a work for our souls. I am believing on your for healing, miracles and deliverance.

Thank you Jesus for all things. I love you Lord my God and my savior. Without you Jesus, I am nothing. I need you in my every walk, order my steps this day in your holy word.

Until next time, be blessed.

Sister Star

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