Asa A. Allen's early life was lived in an often unpleasant environment. Having been born to a white and an Indian parent, his family was very poor, and his father was an At the age of 23, Allen became a Christian at the Onward Methodist Church inMiller, Missouri.Later, he learned of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit from a Pentecostal preacher who was conducting meetings in his home. He soon felt the call to preach and affiliated himself with theAssemblies of God, and subsequently obtained ordination from them in 1936. He then began to pastor a small church inColorado. By 1947, Allen was pastoring a large A/G church inCorpus Texas.

After attending anOral Robertstent meeting inDallas(1949), Allen testified that as he left that meeting he hoped to form a healing ministry and asked his church board to allow him to start a radio program. They refused. Allen soon resigned from his church and began holding healing revival meetings.

Stemming in part from purported healings, he established a large following.Allen became one of the first to develop a national television ministry. His television programs frequently included excerpts from his "healing line" ministry. By the late 1960s, however, music formed an increasingly dominant part of his programs, with that music generally being performed by African-American singer and choir leader Gene Martin.

In 1955, Allen purchased a large tent for $8,500.Allen was soon one of the major healing evangelists on the revival circuit. Allen’s revival meetings were similar to the other leading evangelists of the time (such asJack Coe, Oral Roberts andWilliam Branham in that meetings were typically characterized by preaching, testifying, music, and praying for those in need of healing.As was the case with other ministers of the time, Allen's healing ministry was facilitated by the use of "prayer cards" obtained in advance by those requesting prayer for healing.

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 Healings in the Name of Jesus





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